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Gate Valve

Gate Valve

  • Gate Valve Manufacturing Specification   ContentAPI series   Basic design specificationAPI 600   Pressure-temperature ratingASME B16-34   Structure lengthASME B16-10   Flange type and sizeASME B16-5   Butt weld end ...
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Gate Valve Manufacturing Specification

  ContentAPI series
  Basic design specificationAPI 600
  Pressure-temperature ratingASME B16-34
  Structure lengthASME B16-10
  Flange type and sizeASME B16-5
  Butt weld end ASME B16-25
Inspection and testAPI 598
Structural style

Gate valve adopts OSY and BB(bolted bonnet), Rotate-Rising stem and non-rise hand wheel which is international current gate valve structure.

Body and Bonnet

Body and bonnet design is according to precise calculation in order to realize good strength, rigidity and flow capacity. There designs a upper seal support on bonnet that makes packing seal more reliable in the valve full open condition, also replace packing conveniently.

Adopting H-type elastic single disc to suit the valve body deformation and keep sealing reliable, which avoids valve hard to be opened due to disc overloads. So it is suitable for steam and other high temperature medium.
For different pressure and specification, there are several seat forms below:
1.Seat ring connects or welds female end body by thread for easy disassembly, maintenance and replacement.
2.Directly bead welding sealing surface material on body.
3.For SS valve ,popularly seat sealing surface will be processed molding directly on body.
Stem and stem nut
Stem connects disc by T-slot, the whole forging forming T-shape stem assures enough connection strength. Stem is operated by hand wheel drives stem nut, the transmission between stem and stem nut uses suitable fit clearance and unique dentoform correction to ensure flexible valve drive. Top assembling stem nut keeps stem and disc never drop down even if discharging the hand wheel when valve is open.For the large diameter gate valve , the thrust bearing is designed in the place of stem nut.
Packing and packing spacer ring
The size and quantity of packing meet the standards and ensure reliable sealing. Packing is graphite( free from asbestos). Packing spacer ring can be provided when customers require.(no packing spacer ring in standard product).
Body Gasket
The flange connection form of body and bonnet is bolt fastening. Flange sealing gasket forms below:
CLASS150   & PN1.6, 2.5Mpa flat gasket sealing.
CLASS300   & PN4.0, 6.4Mpa concave-convex gasket sealing.
CLASS600   & PN10.0Mpa and above octagon gasket sealing.
The gasket is inner ring spiral wound gaskets filled graphite which abandoning rubber asbestos plate used before for making good gasket sealing and good disassembling resilience performance.

According to various usage and base on the body material, the VT gate valve is divided into WCB series,SS (CF8,CF3,CF8M,CF3M) series, LCB and LCC series, Cr-Mo series. Main components material list below:

PartsCS classAntiacidSS   classCryogenic steelHigh-temperature   steel
Body & BonnetA216-WCBA216-WCBA351-CF8.CF3A351-CF8M.CF3MA352-LCB,LCCA217-WC5WC9.C5
Brake seatA105A105A105A182-F316,F316LA182-F304A182-F304
Stem & upper sealA182-F6a318(MFG.N.O)A182-F304,F304LA182-F316,F316LA182-F304A182-F304
Stem nutA439-D2/ZQAI9-4
GasketSpiral wound gasket/mild steel
Hand wheelDuctile iron/cast steel
All casting material complies with ASTM standard, all forging material are choosen chinese grades on equal grounds with ASTM standard.
The material above is general product standards, we can change material according to working condition or customers' requirements and also we reserve the right of complying with standard specification for improving material.

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